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Facebook’s Greatest Strength May Be Its Greatest Weakness – Buy Something Else

ByAbu Bakr Hussain:

Let me ask every reader first, what is Facebook’s (FB) greatest strength? Is it the best way to communicate with friends and family? It cannot be that as Skype (owned by MSFT) with 33%+ international call market share, Snapchat, Viber and Whatsapp with 200 million+ active users all demonstrate that thriving alternatives exist. Is it the best place to store and share photos? If that were so, why are sites like Flickr (owned by YHOO), Imgur and cloud-storage sites like Dropbox and SkyDrive continuing to proliferate? Is it the best place to share your idle thoughts and give status updates? It cannot be that as Twitter with 400 million tweets per day and Tumblr with over a 100 million blogs are thriving. What about sharing your “likes“? This cannot be true either as Reddit and

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